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"Sé que sueñas con mi amor, pero no lo dices,
sé que soy un idiota al esperarte
Pues sé que no vendrás."
-Mario Benedetti  (via littrature)

1. I want you as you are. Every scar, every pound, every last beauty mark you call defects. They are a part of you and therefore, a part of me.

2. I want you to stay an individual. If you want space, I’ll move stars and planets to give you what you need.

3. You matter to me; you mean something to everyone around you.

4. Hold my hand.

5. I want to build dreams with you. I want to talk ideas and aspirations, I want to draw the sky and fill it with the colours of your personality. We’ll paint the world around us together.

6. Kiss me like it’s our last.

7. I will be there for you until you don’t need me anymore, always.

-what I could have said to keep her (via wordlier)
"Estuve a punto de hacerlo, y ahora no soy más que uno de los muchos que se preguntan por qué en algún momento no hicieron lo que habían pensado hacer."
-Julio Cortazar (via juliepmorenol)